Young Masters


The Young Masters are six fresh and dynamic young male break dancers that have emerged from L2R’s program Breaking @ Braybrook held at Rec West, Braybrook. The Young Masters are united through dance and have formed a tight family through this shared passion. The young Masters have diverse cultural backgrounds including, Liberia, Vietnam, Burma, Thailand and Congo. Break dancing is important to them because it helps them to enjoy life, spread love and create bright futures together.

‘I love to do different styles of dance. Dancing is my passion, and dancing is what keeps me positive and on track. Being part of L2R means a lot to me’
It doesn’t matter what gender or race you are because in dancing we are all one big family’
‘Dance to inspire, not to impress.’
Hsa Do
Dance is an easy thing to do and everyone can be good at it. But only if you work hard at it’