L2R Next Gen Crew!

L2R’s Next Gen crew is a group of diverse young people aged between 12- 25yrs that train weekly at the Visy Cares Hub, Sunshine. An important part of the Next Gen crew is the supportive peer to peer learning environment that trains in numerous dance styles such as Hip Hop, Breaking, Dancehall, Afro, Latin and Contemporary. The Next Gen crew are keen to be seen on stages around Melbourne and love sharing their passion for dance with the broader community.

2016_l2r_026_gcphoto_lr Yolande 
2016_l2r_048_gcphoto_lr  Danni
2016_l2r_385_gcphoto_lr  Banjo

Stay humble in life and focus, don’t let negative comment get in your way and keep moving forward and always be positive.

2016_l2r_432_gcphoto_lr Lonowon
2016_l2r_033_gcphoto_lr Angelica 
2016_l2r_315_gcphoto_lr Jumess
‘Dance brings me happiness everytime. I feel like I enter into another world, a world where we all share the same passion. I love dancing because it helps me escpae from my problems.’
‘Dance to inspire, not to impress.’
13653414_1192641327466647_1954620303185787204_o Kevin

Keep your head up high and dance from your heart‘.

2016_l2r_310_gcphoto_lr Rohzan
13895262_1192600897470690_5628101371494958641_n Rolian
13662135_1192640957466684_2946265385616785563_o  Khan
Hsa Do
Dance is an easy thing to do and everyone can be good at it. But only if you work hard at it’
2016_l2r_319_gcphoto_lr  Nolly
‘I love to perform on stage!! Dancing is my thing, L2R is a place where I learn dancing and confidence.’
‘Dance is in my blood, dance is part of my love. I feel super high when I perform!’
2016_l2r_008_gcphoto_lr  Liliana
‘Dancing is a place where I can be me and escape everyday life. Performing is somewhere I belong!’
It doesn’t matter what gender or race you are because in dancing we are all one big family’.
‘I love to do different styles of dance. Dancing is my passion, and dancing is what keeps me positive and on track. Being part of L2R means a lot to me’
2016_l2r_158_gcphoto_lr Harry 
screen-shot-2017-02-01-at-6-48-45-pm Siraj
 17620574_1436324239765020_4424171606926848251_o  Jackson’s favourite quote is ‘dancers are athletes of God’. (Albert Einstein)


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