Nadiah – L2R Artist and Mentor

Nadiah 1With South African and Malaysian heritage, Nadiah “NfuZion” Idris is currently one of the top freelance dancers, choreographers and educators specialising in Dancehall and various African street dances to come out of Australia. However, Nadiah has quickly gained recognition in the industry and regularly books various kinds of gigs due to her ability to perform multiple dance genres. Conducting regular workshops throughout the country over the last few years, Nadiah is also now the first and only Australian to represent Dancehall and her personal styles – RAGGA FUZION and AFRO FUZION – on a wide global scale in countries like USA, France, Egypt and even Jamaica!

Constantly striving to broaden her knowledge in dance and acquire new skills to refine her craft, there is no question that Nadiah is extremely passionate, real and pure in what she delivers in all aspects of her profession.

Credits: SYTYCDAU Season 4 Top 20, BLAZE The Show, MAJOR LAZER, Kanye West, Zinhle Ngidi, Trademark, Redsan, Diafrix, Ce’Cile, Taddy P, SK Simeon, Bec Laughton and more!


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