Lenny – L2R Artist and Mentor

Lenny - King Tut Style

Lenard Trae also known as Enigma Boogie or Lenny started dancing in 2002. Enigma quickly excelled in Hip Hop funk-styles such as Locking and Popping. In 2005 Enigma started to share his passion for funk and enthusiasm for dance as a teacher.

Lenny is the co-founder of the Nomadic Funk Crew, which is the first, all funk-style crew in Melbourne. Nomadic Funk Crew has performed extensively throughout Melbourne and given Lenny the opportunity to travel interstate

Lenny performs regularly with many dance crews including, Wicked Force Crew, The Cypher Sapions, FX Entertainment, Boogie Collective and L2R.

Due to Lenny’s passion and commitment to dance and the genre of Hip Hop he has had the opportunity to support and perform with world renowned artists such as The Cat Empire, DJ shadow, DJ Q-Bert, MC Supernatural, DJ Dexter to name a few.

Enigma is passionate about training, improving and refining his skills as a performer and dance teacher, which is why he also works hard to bring international pioneers of street dance culture to Australia. Enigma thus far has brought Suga Pop, Popin Pete, Mr Wiggles and Buddha Stretch to Australia allowing them to share their knowledge and history of Hip Hop with the Australian dance community.

β€œMy goal is to help the Dance community to continue to grow, to share my knowledge and educate the youth of today as-well as the next generation of up an coming dancers.”

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