Lanie – L2R Teaching Artist and Mentor

Lanie de Castro is one of Melbourne’s most renowned female urban choreographers. With more than 12 years of dance experience behind her, she has remained an active member of the Melbourne dance community. Throughout the years, Lanie has been very involved in the dance crew scene, dancing and co-directing for award-winning dance crews such as Beatphonik, KSTAR and The Collektive. In 2017, she choreographed and directed the winning performance at Melbourne’s Grounded: Battle of the Arts, winning 1st Place and Most Outstanding Choreography in the Street Division. Nowadays, Lanie invests her time in sharing her passion with various dance studios and community programs across Melbourne. In addition to teaching dance, she is also working towards obtaining a degree in Education. She aims to combine this knowledge with her dance experience to have a positive influence on the youth in our community. Lanie is very excited to jump on board with L2R because they share similar goals and values. She too strongly believes dance is a universal language, that can offer opportunities to promote well-being, collaboration and cultural diversity within our community.