Hena – L2R Artist and Mentor

Hena first began her dance journey at age 11. Contrast to most 11 year old girls she was instantly drawn to the Hip-Hop dance form, breaking the traditionally approach of beginners she had no desire to put on ballet slippers.

Hena’s dance repertoire spans across many genres including Hip Hop, Contemporary and Jazz. Completing her full-time formal studies of Performing Arts Training with Patrick Studios Australia in 2011.

Hena has had the opportunity to perform and facilitate dance workshops in remote Indigenous Communities across Australia. In 2013 Hena, a member of the dance crew ‘The Collective’ took the title of ‘Australian Hip-Hop Championships’

With an unyielding desire to evolve as a dancer, Hena frequently travels internationally to further develop her skills.Under the direction of the world’s most highly regarded and influential choreographers in the industry; in premier Hip-Hop studios, spending up to 6 months at a time in the U.S. to undertake training and informal study.

Hena has just recently joined the cast of the Tony Award winning “In the heights” musical as apart of the dance ensemble. She has also been on tour with upcoming Australian Artist Banoffee, where she has performed in front of thousands at musical festivals such as Falls Festival and Laneway Festival.

Hena has a profound passion for the artform. Dance is how she identifies herself, where she is free to be an explorer; a creator, an innovator, an acolyte and a master. The invaluable experiences and possibilities dance has offered her throughout her practice have been instrumental in making Hena the person she finds herself today.


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