Welcome – Acting CEO Vivian Clark

As we all know, L2R Founder and CEO Jacinda is pregnant and the baby is due on 10 August. Jacinda will be on maternity leave from 20 June to 27 October but don’t panic… we won’t stop dancing and very soon we’ll have a new baby girl in the L2R Fam!  In the meantime please make Acting CEO Vivian Clark feel very welcome, as she’s going to be holding everything together and keeping the CEO seat warm from July until October.

Vivian is a graduate of the Ballarat Academy of Performing Arts, and brings an eclectic mix of skills and experience to L2R, having worked extensively in the arts, as well as for government, and in the health, community & NFP sectors. With a background in music, performance, and dance, Vivian discovered she enjoyed being side of stage more than centre stage, and has since focussed her energy into arts management, event coordination, creative producing, advocacy, and cultural and community development. Alongside stepping into the Acting CEO position, Vivian is also a Director of Poppy Seed Festival, and works at Maribyrnong City Council in the Arts and Culture team.

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