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The Funding Network

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WOW! What a wonderful experience!

The Funding network arts & creativity event, Melbourne August 9th. Such a wonderful experience. Congratulations to Rawcus, WEYA and Homie. A pleasure to share the stage with you all. Collectively we raised over $92,000. AMAZING!

Event Link-

A big thanks to The Funding Network, AMP, KRA Wealth Management, Creative Partnerships and City of Melbourne for a great event and opportunity.

A huge thank you to everyone who laughed, cheered, cried and generously donated to help us bring dance into the lives of more newly arrived, migrant, refugee and at risk young people living in Melbourne’s West.

It was incredibly inspiring, empowering and humbling to have over 150 people in one room interested to hear about our family L2R, and how we promote social cohesion, well-being and community through dance.

Besides the generous donations L2R received ($27,850), the conversions and network connections also made through The Funding Network are extremely important and exciting for us in our first few years of operations.

We look forward to sharing photos, videos and stories so you can all share in the joy of the L2R experience.

Photos by Dean Golja

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 6.57.12 pm



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