L2R- BMW Mini- online video

L2R was super excited to have the opportunity to supply the talent for the new BMW Mini Online Video. Professional skill development and creating job opportunities for our crew and emerging artists is such an important part of what we do! Go team!

Dancers- Fostin, Van Biak, Josh, Fuji, Hena, Liana, Lauren and Nadia

Choreography– Jacinda Richards

Production– Betty Wants In- http://bettywantsin.com

Director– Kess Broekman-Dattner- http://kessbd.com

13668984_1189134337817346_3293102428001574252_n 13680556_1189132174484229_4171800283221173261_n 13754097_1189132267817553_8599487739495467628_n 13769556_1189132167817563_6573122253754056522_n 13776015_1189134341150679_2511575420564171514_n

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