Discover Deakin


L2R Next Gen had the fabulous opportunity to travel to Deakin University for the Discover Deakin Open day. L2R participated in two fantastic dance workshops which opened the crews eyes to the freedom and challenges of contemporary dance.

Thank you to Jonathan Sinatra for his fantastic composition workshop and to Olivia Millard for her challenging and energetic technique class. Big thanks to Sally Gardner for making this excursion come to life! Our passion for dance allows us to engage and learn from many inspiring people and through these opportunities we aim to foster positive pathways and enhance learning experiences!!



‘We had a lot of fun and got to experience other dances. I really enjoyed is and hope i can go back again as a students’ (Maya)

Deakin 1


We learnt contemporary dance which is a new style for us. We discovered that its not easy!’ (Van Biak)



‘Today was a really fun day for us at Discover Deakin. It was quite tricky at the start but we managed to pull it off.’ (Jumess)



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