A WESTERN suburbs hip hop group breaking down cultural barriers will bust a move in Brimbank next month.
Professional dance crew Limbs2Riddims holds weekly hip hop workshops for young people from different cultural backgrounds living in Melbourne’s West.
In partnership with the George Hicks foundation, Limbs2Riddims kicked off a new project called L2R Next Generation earlier this year, encouraging newly-arrived refugees from across the western suburbs to improve their dance skills and work as a team.

Limbs2Riddims director Jacinda Richards said the new hip hop project was a great way to give youths the chance to dance in a safe and comfortable environment.

“They love dance and they want to be a part of something, so it has a real community vibe to it,” Jacinda said.

“A lot of these kids weren’t born in Australia, so it’s a great way for them to meet people from different cultures, find identity in Australia, and empowerment through dance.”

Jacinda said children who had recently arrived in the country would often find it difficult to communicate and integrate with other members of the community because they were unable to express themselves verbally.

“When people can’t understand you or speak English you’ve really got to learn not to talk but to show and describe and be physical,” she said.

“Limbs2Riddims believes dance is a universal language. When English is a second language, we can communicate through dance.”

Jacinda said the free hip hop workshops had helped children form lasting friendships, build self-esteem and become better dancers.

“It’s amazing and it’s so rewarding when you start to see them develop as individuals and settle into Australian culture and society,” she said.

Limbs 2 Riddims will show off their latest hip hop moves on stage at the Emerge festival in Brimbank on Sunday 18 November.

For more information about Limbs2Riddims and L2R Next Generation, visit www.limbs2riddims.com

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