George Hicks Foundation & Limbs2Riddims

We are so excited to announce the new partnership of George Hicks Foundation and Limbs2Riddims. On August 4th a new Project called ‘L2R Next Generation’ will commence. The Hip Hop project will be based at Rec West, Braybrook on saturdays from 12-3pm with JC, Katsu Zulu and Lenny. We are also excited to introduce a five week rap and Mc element to the project. The infamous Yung Philly MC will be leading these workshops! Here is L2R Next Generations focus in partnership with George Hicks foundation!!!

Limbs2Riddims specializes in working with youth from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, using Hip Hop dance and Rap as the medium to foster the vibrant talent in Melbourne’s west. Limbs2Riddims offers fun, interactive and engaging workshops with professional artists who are renowned in the Hip Hop industry. Dance plays a huge part in many cultures and is a fun and ‘cool’ way to engage and connect with youth while promoting social cohesion, physical and mental health, respect for self and others, harmony and a sense of connection to community.

Limbs2Riddims Hip Hop workshops give students additional ways of expressing themselves, physically and emotionally through dance. When students are newly arrived to Australia they often struggle with expression due to language barriers. Dance gives them a chance to express themselves physically – a liberating and positive experience. 


Please also check out the Geaorge Hicks website to see all the other amazing projects they support through partnerships.




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