Flemington Community Centre – Open Day

On November 3rd, 2010 the Flemington Community centre came alive with a fabulous open day. The doors were open to all community members, giving them a chance to check out the many programs that run at FCC. There were performances and work shops by many facilitators, which is where I come in. IΒ have been teaching Hip Hop at FCC every Monday night for around 6 years! I have built a great relationship with the community and the amazing Children i work with. These kids dont muck around either, they are fierce on the dance floor! Every week they come to class eager to shake it, learn more and show me what they have choreographed throughout the week!

The girls danced their hearts out to over 60 people and were apparently a highlight!! Manycommunity members had no idea of the talent which surrounds their community in the younger generations! This is one example of how Hip Hop can engage and unite generations and communities!! Girls you make me proud! πŸ™‚

Abig thankyou to FCC for giving us the oppurtunity to share our passion for dance and Hip Hop

So, if you live in the Flemington Community area and wish to be a part of this project head down to the centre and enquire within. Otherwise enjoy the pics!

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